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Established in 1988, Lotto is Ireland’s oldest lottery. It is drawn twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A jackpot of €2 million is guaranteed in every draw. This regularly reaches multi-million euros and has has reached up to €19 million in the past! Players are asked to choose six numbers from a possible 47. To win the jackpot, their numbers must match those picked in their chosen draw. Once owned by the Irish Government, Lotto was later sold to Premier Lotteries Ireland. It continues to be extremely popular with both individuals and syndicates in Ireland looking for a fun and easy-to-play lottery.

Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday Lotto and have minimum guaranteed jackpots of €2 million each, as well as rollovers if a winner isn’t found. The odds for winning on either day are pretty similar – just make sure you select the correct date for the draw you’d like to enter. If you want to enter the draws with the largest jackpots, Jackpot Hunter can help you to do this automatically.

To bet on Lotto with myLotto24, simply follow the four easy steps below: 1. Go to the Lotto page, where you will see our Lotto bet slips. Click on any line of the bet slip and select your six lucky numbers. • If you’d prefer to randomly select your numbers, click on the ‘Quick Pick’ option (to select up to 14 lines). • If you wish to remove a line of numbers, click on the waste paper basket. • If you wish to remove all lines, click on the ‘Remove all selections’ option. Feel free to change or edit your numbers until your happy with them. 2. Once you’re ready, hit the ‘Submit bet’ button. Your bet will then be added to your basket. However, if you need to make any last-minute changes, there’s still a chance to do so here by clicking on the pencil symbol. 3. After you’ve made all your changes, click the ‘Pay now’ button. Top tip: make sure you do this before the draw cut-off period, which is displayed on your bet slip. Then get ready for the prize draw!

Although you are betting on the outcome of the Lotto, you’d win the same amount as the one you would have won, if you’d have played in the main draw. Smaller wins are taking directly from running revenue but bigger wins and jackpots are insured. This ensures that every single payout is paid to our players.

The Lotto bonus number is drawn from the same pool of numbers as the six regular balls. This differentiates it from many other European lotteries. The bonus ball gives players who have matched five of the six regular balls an extra chance to win an even bigger prize.

When playing Irish Lotto, players simply tick the Lotto Plus option and pay €0.50 per line for entry into Lotto Plus 1 as well as Lotto Plus 2 and Lotto Plus Raffle. Your initial Irish Lotto selections of six numbers from a choice of 47 are also played in Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Two different sets of numbers are drawn for both Lotto Plus draws, meaning that players have three chances of winning prizes from the same set lines. It is possible to win prizes in all three draws from the same set of Lotto numbers if some of the same balls are drawn.

Each bet on a line of Lotto numbers costs just €2. For an additional €0.50 per bet, the Lotto Plus add-on enables you to increase your chances of winning. Your betting slip will display the total cost of your bets, next to ‘Stake’.

Subscription bets are a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on a big draw, particularly if you use the same numbers every week. Simply select how many weeks you’d like to play for, using the ‘subscription bet’ box. Payments for subscriptions can be made every one, two, three, four, five, or eight weeks. For full terms and conditions in regards to subscription betting, please refer to the myLotto24 Terms and Conditions. Or to place multiple bets on Lotto, without subscribing, simply use the tick boxes on our bet slips.

Jackpot Hunter is one of myLotto24’s most popular features and is great for players who are only interested in entering the largest Lotto prize draws. Simply fill out a betting slip for the draw you want to enter, as normal, but also select ‘Jackpot Hunter’ button. Using Jackpot Hunter will ensure you continue to bet on your chosen draw until the jackpot is won. Following a jackpot win, your bet will automatically expire. You can also cancel jackpot hunter at any time by simply going to ‘My bet slips’ and clicking the ‘cancel’ button.

You can check the status of your bets by going to the ‘My bet slips’ section of the website. Here’s a summary of the updates you’ll find here and what they mean: • ‘Paid’ – We have received your payment and your bet is being processed. • ‘Participating’ – Your betting slip was correctly sent to myLotto24 Ltd. • ‘Participated’ – Bets listed in this betting slip were submitted for a draw. • ‘Payment failed’ – We haven’t been able to take payment using the card details you provided. However, you can attempt the payment again, or use an alternative form of payment. Simply go to the ‘My bet slips’ section of the website and select ‘Pay bet slips now’. • ‘Payment outstanding’ – if you’re using an automatic payment process or Direct Debit scheme, your bet will be processed on receipt of payment. If bets aren’t paid by the cut-off time, they will be cancelled.

myLotto24 accepts Visa and Mastercard. Simply head over to the ‘My payments’ section of the website and fill out your information. First, top up your account. Second, place your bets. Now you’re ready start selecting your lucky numbers!

Yes! Just click on ‘My bet slips’ where you’ll see all of your old bets. Then click on the betting slip you want to reactivate and choose the replay option. Alternatively, use the subscription bet option to automatically enter all future draws and ensure you never miss out on the chance to win! Subscription bets can be cancelled at any time, in accordance with the myLotto24 Terms and Conditions.