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German Lotto: the classic lottery from Germany. Play now!

Game concept:

6 from 49 plus 1 from 10 bonus numbers


Every Wednesday and Saturday

Add-on lotteries:

Spiel 77 and Super 6

Bet German Lotto – Small Price, High Jackpot

What is the German Lotto?

It’s now possible for players in Ireland to bet on the outcomes of Germany’s favourite Lottery – thanks to myLotto24.

Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and jackpots are huge. Indeed, no other lottery has made so many German millionaires as this low-cost, high-reward draw. It’s no wonder that players in Ireland also want to get a piece of the action!

How do I bet on the German Lotto?

Players in Ireland can use myLotto24 to bet on the German Lotto results. Simply choose six numbers from a possible 49, or randomly select them using the ‘Quick Pick’ button. The more numbers drawn that you correctly predict, the higher the prize money.

Correctly predicting just two balls, plus a ‘bonus number’ means a small (Tier 9) prize. Predicting 6 balls, plus the bonus number, means winning the (Tier 1) jackpot!

How much can I win?

The German Lotto creates new millionaires on a weekly basis. It tiers its prizes depending on how many numbers its players correctly predict. In 2007, the German Lotto jackpot reached €45.4 million – and became one of the largest amounts ever to be won in Germany.

Why Use myLotto24 to play?
myLotto24 enables players in Ireland to take advantage of the low-cost betting slip prices and large jackpots of the German Lotto – and all from the comfort of home.

The German Lotto comes with a number of add-on games, which myLotto24 also offers. You can increase your odds even further by taking part in additional draws, Spiel 77 and Super 6.

myLotto24 also gives players the option to place subscription bets – a great way to automatically ensure you never miss the chance of becoming a millionaire again!

What’s the largest German Lotto jackpot?

The German Lotto tiers its prizes depending on how many numbers its players predicted correctly. Starting from just two balls, plus the bonus number, Tier 9 prizes start at the small end of the scale. However, the more predictions you get correct, the higher your money goes – ending with the full set at Tier 1: the jackpot. Consult our overview of the latest Lotto odds for a detailed breakdown of prize amounts.