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EuroJackpot: the European mega lottery. Play now!

Game concept:

5 from 50 plus 2 from 10 Euro numbers


Every Friday

Probability of winning:

Twice as high as the German Lotto

Bet on EuroJackpot – The European Mega-Lottery

What is EuroJackpot?

EuroJackpot is a huge lottery played all over the continent. 17 countries take part, including Ireland – which means that massive jackpots of up to €90 million are guaranteed.

With EuroJackpot draws taking place every Friday, there’s no better way to start your weekend with a sparkle!

Why Bet at myLotto24?

myLotto24 makes betting on EuroJackpot easy for everyone in Ireland. No more queuing at the shop to buy a lottery ticket!

To save even more time, why not also choose the Quick Pick option and allow us to randomly pick your numbers and stars for you?

Top tip: use Subscription bet to play regularly and ensure you never miss the opportunity to win again! Or try out Jackpot Hunter to ensure you always remember to enter to draws with the biggest jackpots.

How much can i win?

Jackpots are a minimum of €10 million. However, ‘rollovers’ (which occur when no betting slip matches the winning numbers) mean that jackpots can reach even bigger amounts, up to a €90 million cap. And there can’t be many people who would say “no” to €90 million!

How do i Bet on EuroJackpot with myLotto24?

All you have to do is go to myLotto24’s EuroJackpot page, pick five numbers from a possible 50, and another two ‘Euro Numbers’ from a possible 10. If your numbers match the numbers of all the balls drawn, you’ll become one of Ireland’s lucky jackpot winners.

EuroJackpot or EuroMillions?

If you enjoy playing EuroMillions, you’l probably enjoy EuroJackpot too. EuroJackpot offers a similar gaming experience to EuroMillions, as well as huge Incredibly the EuroJackpot frequently matches the EuroMillions jackpot, and in fact often surpasses it throughout the jackpots. Fun fact: did you know EuroJackpot also has higher odds than many other European lotteries?

If you still can’t choose between EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, why not give them both a go?