The Worlds Biggest Jackpot at Your Fingertips!

The Worlds Biggest Jackpot at Your Fingertips!

The US lottery Powerball is famous for its huge record jackpots and big winners. You can now bet on Powerball from the comfort of your own home with myLotto24

On January 13th 2016, the world’s biggest jackpot (Powerball) was cracked. The five seemingly so simple numbers 4 – 8 – 19 – 27 – 34 as well as the additional number (or better the Powerball), 10 changed the lives of three lucky winners.

This US lottery with record breaking Jackpots is now available at myLotto24, and that means you can now bet on Powerball from the comfort of your own home at myLotto24! Even though Powerball is a state lottery in the USA, you do not have to do without the well-known European safety standards here at myLotto24. With myLotto24, betting on lotteries just got easier.

Powerball at myLotto24 – Simple, Safe and Fair
Thanks to the myLotto24 payout guarantee, we can even claim the highest Powerball records for you to win, and if you do not hit the jackpot, you still the have the chance to win an attractive amount in one of the other Winning classes – to make this even better, your win is completely tax free!

No Tax? Correct – in the US, unlike Germany, taxes are on a lottery profit, even starting from a profit sum of 600 US dollar. Sure, such a Powerball win is of course, still huge, but why settle for it if you can have everything? At myLotto24 there are therefore no tax deductions for all profit classes except the jackpot! Sounds good, right?

Tap in to the Jackpot fever!
This is how easy it is: Powerball works very much like our good old lottery classic Lotto 6 from 49. Each participant selects 5 numbers from 69 as well as a Powerball (the additional number) 1 from 26. The draws take place every week, always on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the USA, so we know on Thursday and Sunday whether we can look forward to the right numbers.

If you want to go on the hunt for the biggest jackpots in the world, Powerball has it all with the minimum prize starting at $40 Million. Why not take your chances with mylotto24. .