The Spanish Christmas Lottery has landed at myLotto24!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery has landed at myLotto24!

The Spanish Christmas “Lotería de Navidad” is now part of the absolute tradition of the Christmas season, not only in Spain. Globally, more and more people are taking part in the lottery and are already buying their tickets from the middle of the year to have a chance to win the “El Gordo”. This attracts 4 million euros and a total of 2.3 billion euros will be distributed on the drawing day. The Spanish Christmas Lottery is thus not only the oldest, but also the largest lottery in the world and is gaining popularity from year to year.

Spanish tradition
The “Lotería de Navidad” is a traditional lottery in Spain, whose first draw already took place in Cádiz in 1812. Meanwhile, more and more people around the world are eagerly awaiting the draw on 22 December, which is broadcast live on Spanish television every year. It also belongs to the tradition that the three-hour live-drawing together with the family and friends in front of the television is followed.

Participation in the Christmas Lottery
For the raffle ceremonies, two drums are provided on a large stage: the big numbers are from 00000 to 99999 and the small ones the winning sums. The drawn combinations of lot number and profit sum are singled out by schoolchildren.
If you do not have the opportunity to get an El Gordo lot in Spain, you can buy a lot online at myLotto24 and participate in the Spanish Christmas Lottery. You will receive the notification of the prize by e-mail, so you can decide whether you want to watch the three-hour draw live or take a quick look at your smartphone.

Winners of 2016 at our sister brand Tipp24
The Christmas lottery was a success for many participants, who bought their lot online at Tipp24. In total, € 2,761,560 was paid to Tipp24 customers in 2016. Among them were, besides many smaller sums of money, some big winners: 2x 400,000 € (El Gordo) and 2x 125,000 € were distributed at Tipp24.
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