The Super Jackpot is back: €138 Million still to be won with EuroMillions!

It’s back, the EuroMillions Super Jackpot. But how does this huge jackpot actually come about so suddenly?

The EuroMillions has accumulated €138 Million. This is enough to fulfill one’s dream, but it doesn’t stop there. About 2-3 times a year, the jackpot is hiked up to a superlative jackpot regardless of its current levels. It’s that time again!

Where does Super draw originate?
The Superdraw stems from Europe’s biggest lottery – the jackpot is now €138 Million. You can now bet on the outcome of this lottery at myLotto24. Wondering how such a sudden jump (in this case of more than 100 million euros) comes about?

The special jackpot is created by the fact that not all of the money earned by the lottery players will go into the winning classes. A part is deducted from the weekly EuroMillions draws, similar to the German classic LOTTO 6 from 49. As a result, money is gradually being saved, which then turns into huge Jackpots several times a year.

We would like to thank all those participating in Europe’s biggest lottery, you will not miss your chance to win the extra class. The jackpot can reach a maximum of €190 Million. If this is still not cracked, the amount is distributed to the lower winnings, so that many winners can enjoy a piece of the cake.

More about EuroMillions at myLotto24 and information about the game participation can be found on our website.