Lottery Luck – Have We Got Friday 13th All Wrong?

Lottery Luck – Have We Got Friday 13th All Wrong?


For years now the date ‘Friday 13th’ has been subject to relentless slander as we’re constantly warned: “Beware Friday 13th and the misfortune it brings”.

Well today we buck that trend and point out the incredible good fortune that Friday 13th has delivered to lucky lotto players around the world.


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Friday 13th – Your New Lucky Day?


Let’s start with a sign: The first ball to be drawn in the first ever German lotto in 1955 was number 13. Case closed? We’re just getting started..


One lucky lad from Finland will be happy to tell you he holds no fear of Friday 13th since May 2016, when he landed a cool €10 million playing EuroJackpot. A life-changing profit on the supposed most unlucky of days. The evidence is mounting!


On Friday 13th in October 2017 another Finnish player and one German each won over €817k playing EuroJackpot, with four other European players winning €144k. 


With a €24m Jackpot and the draw on Friday 13th – how lucky are you feeling?


Massive Lottery Wins on Friday 13th


Thanks to a spot of time-difference the world famous US lottery ‘Mega Millions’ and its enormo-jackpots have their draw days on Fridays, and have seen six jackpots cracked on a Friday 13th: in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015 – and most recently in October 2017, when two Mega Millions winners from Michigan and Rhode Island shared a jackpot of $42million.


Why Does Friday 13th Have Such a Bad Rep?


Some sources say because the Knights Templar were arrested on a Friday the 13th in 1307. Others claim that both the number 13 and Friday have always been considered symbols of misfortune. Superstitious people in particular would have feared a particularly great misfortune if the two had been combined.


However, the term “Friday the 13th” is not mentioned in writing until 1907, after the arrest and subsequent dissolution of the Knights Templar, when the stock market novel by the American writer and millionaire Thomas W. Lawson was published. Many therefore call Lawson the inventor of the day of misfortune.



Positive Mental Attitude!


However the superstition came to be, here at myLotto24 we’re convinced your chances of winning are just as good as any other day. In fact almost €700k was paid out from the myLotto24 group on betslips bought on Friday 13th  January and October last year!


Have we convinced you that Friday 13th has an unfair reputation? Either way, keep an eye out for the signs and cross your fingers – maybe one day one of these jackpots could be yours…


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