How does Cash4Life work?


Simply put, with Cash4Life, you can win a life without financial worries two times a week.

The gameplay is simple: You choose five numbers from a field that goes from 1 to 60. Then select an additional number between 1 and 4. This cash number is included in the price. And it is important. Because only if you have guessed all five numbers AND the cash number right, you win 1,000 euros, every day, for a lifetime. With 5 correct numbers but WITHOUT the cash number you win 1,000 euros every month, for a lifetime. Not bad either, but why do things by halves?

The winning numbers are drawn every Monday and Thursday by the New York State Lottery at 21:00 local time – which means 2:00 in the morning in Ireland. Anyone who wants to keep track despite the time can watch the drawing in the livestream. Those who prefer to dream about their new life instead will not miss out at all, because myLotto24 customers are automatically notified by email when they have won. And, of course, the payout of the winnings by myLotto24 is also guaranteed – you do not have to deal with a foreign lottery provider from the other end of the world.

It is also easy to bet on the outcome of the draw: On, you can select the lottery Cash4Life from the menu and then place as many bets as you like – either with your own numbers or with random numbers that our system enters for you. The closing dates are Monday and Thursday night at 1:30 am. So you could wake up every Tuesday and Friday as jackpot winner.

Each betting field costs only 2.50 euros. And if you want to be as close as possible to your chance of a lifelong payout, just choose “Subscription” and leave your numbers in the race for as long as you like.