Big Gains No Pains!

Big Gains No Pains!

Die ersten 48 Stunden als Millionär

January 5, 2018 was the day Shane Missler’s life changed rapidly. The 20-year-old American cracked the $451 million Jackpot on the US Lottery Mega millions. The young man from Florida initially could not believe he had won. Shortly after the draw of the winning numbers, his first words on Facebbook were: “Oh, my God.”

Shane Missler was not the only lottery winner in the US to be overwhelmed by such a huge prize that weekend in January. Just one day later, a winner from New Hampshire cracked the even bigger jackpot of the US lottery Powerball: $ 559 million. Unlike Missler however, the Powerball winner was keen to remain anonymous – at least in the US.

The US lotteries and their giant jackpots
The giant jackpots are anything but unusual in the United States. There have been no lotteries over the past few years that have raised their record profits and created worldwide lottery fever like the US lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions. Shane Missler opted for a one-time payout, according to the official lottery site in Florida. After a deduction of the one-time payment and the taxes incurred in the US on a lottery prize, the young man walked away with just under 282 million US dollars.

And after the win? Doing good, giving something back
The sympathetic grand winner wanted to give something back first: Supporting his family and hoping to do something good for humanity. “If I have learned anything in my short time on earth, it is that those who have a positive attitude and remain true to themselves will be rewarded,” says Missler.

Therefore, the 20-year-old probably did not buy a big car or a house from his win, but went to Philadelphia and awed the famous stairs from the movie “Rocky” in which Sylvester Stallone plays the relentless boxer Rocky Balboa – true to the motto “The only way is up”. On Twitter and Instagram you can see how the 20-year-old looks optimistically into the future and looks forward to the many opportunities that the huge win offers him.

And thats not all, he plans to educate himself, to invest the money well and build his own business, so that he can “leave a legacy in the future,” as he says. He has already taken a crash course in financial management. So we cannot wait to see what else he has in-store for his future.

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