Bet now on the UK National Lottery

Bet now on the UK National Lottery

We’re incredibly excited to announce customers in Ireland can now bet on the UK Lotto!


Since November 1994 the UK Lotto has helped change lives not just with huge jackpot wins, but as myLotto24 does in Ireland, the UK Lotto funds some fantastic charitable nation-wide initiatives.


From today myLotto24 customers will be able to add the UK National Lottery to the list of lotteries available to bet on from the comfort of a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


If you’re not yet a customer you can join today with our special ‘Four UK Lotto Lines for the Price of One’ offer, simply choose your numbers, and once you’ve registered your account you’ll have a chance at the next draw’s jackpot.

Keep scrolling for more information on how to play the UK’s favourite lottery!



Back when the UK National Lottery held its first draw in November 1994 (hosted by Noel Edmonds and watched by 22 million viewers), Pato Banton ruled the airwaves with ‘Baby Come Back’, and the world was just weeks away from ‘Stay Away Day’ by East 17 being released.



Since those heady days the highest jackpot has reached a staggering £161,653,000, and thousands of lives have been changed.

We’re very excited to offer the UK National Lottery to our customers in Ireland, and wish you all the best of luck!


How to Play  

  • Select six numbers from 1-59 or use the quick pick for automatically generated numbers
  • Choose how many lines you want to bet on  
  • Select the draws you wish to enter, remember you can also add our Subscription service or Jackpot Hunter to have your bet placed automatically.


Draw Days

  • The UK National Lottery holds its draw days every Wednesday (20:30 GMT) and Saturday (19:45 GMT)
  • The entry cut-off time for both days is 19:20 GMT.


What Can I Win?

  • The maximum jackpot possible on the UK National Lottery is currently £22 million (approximately €25m)
Match 6 main numbersJackpot!
Match 5 main numbers + BonusEstimated £50,000
Match 5 main numbersEstimated £1,000
Match 4 main numbersEstimated £100
Match 3 main numbers£25
Match 2 main numbersTicket Price Refunded by myLotto24

Did You Know?

  • As well as the six numbers that are drawn, an extra seventh number is picked (called the ‘Bonus Ball’) and if you have five correct numbers out of six, but the bonus ball is your number – it should help soften the blow of narrowly missing out on the jackpot!
  • You can bet up to ten lines with some extra myLotto24 choices along the way such as subscription betting or our Jackpot Hunter feature.
  • Betting on a single UK Lotto Line costs €2.30, so with a maximum ten lines available to bet on that’s €23 to give you the best chance of taking down the jackpot. There are no hidden or extra charges from myLotto24.
  • If you match two correct numbers only, we will pay you out the price of your ticket.
  • myLotto24 has paid out over €1 BILLION in prizes worldwide, has over 3 million customers, and is fully licensed and regulated by the GB Gambling Commission.